Most Cheap Shower Cabinet is a model without a boat. Plastic glass mica shower cabinets are produced in desired sizes and models. Non-built Shower Cabinets can be mounted on the floor using a White or Transparent Shower Silicone, or on a floor of 3x5 marble.
• Plastic Mica Square Square 80X80 Without Board Price: 425 TL
• Plastic Mica Square Square 90X90 Without Board Price: 425 TL
• Plastic Mica Square Square 100X100 Without Boating Price: 450 TL
• Plastic Mica Glazed Oval 80X80 without shower board Price: 450 TL
• Plastic Mika Glazed Oval 90X90 Without Board Price: 450 TL
• Plastic Mica Glass Oval 100X100 Booster Shower Price: 450 TL
Cheap Glass Shower Cabinets are 4Mm Glassless Boatless Shower Cabinets. Square, Oval, Rectangular and Flat Desired Each model and size 4mm glass shower cabinets, Tempered glass and framed are manufactured from domestic materials. Because of the framed, they are preferred in terms of durability. The profile option is available in white, matt chrome and shiny chrome and gold.
4Mm Tempered Glass Without Shower Booth Price: 599 TL Matte chrome frame Single price campaign in all sizes up to 200 cm.
To get more information about cheap shower cabin prices, you need to choose the product category. When choosing a range, profile selection and glass selection, the net price is specified. You can order your product online or call our customer service and give your phone. Pre-exploration in Istanbul is free of charge.
Manufacture of shower cabin in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir Our company produces shower cabin suitable for every bathroom size and provides transportation and installation services. Our products are sent to the address by cargo in the orders given from other provinces.